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Bio Health Solutions

Bio Health Solutions Logo Design

Logo design is Big Shoe‘s favourite type of project. It’s exciting to share in the aspirations of others by helping them bring their vision to life.

Here is the latest logo design for Bio Health Solutions that is going to be a Boutique Clinic that focuses on the treatment of pain and neurological conditions in Denver, Colorado!

Pinchin Ad

Ads. We design them.

Most publications offer free design services with an ad purchase but you often get a cookie cutter ad that looks like everyone else’s. Spend a little and hire Big Shoe to design an ad that fits your brand and uniquely sells your product or service. #GoPro #GoBigShoe

Pinchin Ad
Pinchin Ad

Colour Options

Do you know what Pantone, CMYK, RGB or Hexadecimal are? They are different systems of mixing colour for specific mediums. Pantone and CMYK are used for printing. RGB and Hexadecimal are used for defining colour on computer screens and devices. These colour systems do not always appear to be the same colour in print as they do on a screen.

A professional designer will help you choose a colour that will look the same in all mediums so you don’t have to worry about maintaining the colour consistency of your brand. #BrandConsistency #GoPro #GoBigShoe

FREE Design… maybe not

We don’t normally do “before and after” posts but sometimes an opportunity arises that just can’t be missed. We’re using this example because it illustrates the obvious… Go Pro!

The before example was a FREE design that came with a purchased writing service. The client was not impressed and asked Big Shoe to help. Low funding didn’t allow us to reinvent the wheel but we were able to take the existing layout and create a much more professional look.

Give your project the kick it needs. Go Pro… Go Big Shoe! #gopro #gobig #gobigshoe

Before Big Shoe's Design Ninja Skills
Before Big Shoe’s Design Ninja Skills
After Big Shoe's Design Ninja Skills
After Big Shoe’s Design Ninja Skills

Hosting a conference or an event?

Big Shoe is great at creating marketing materials that highlight the uniqueness of your event while maintaining your brand. #brand #design #conference #marketingmaterials

NAATA Conference, Miami
NAATA Conference, Miami

Capasiti Consulting Inc.

Big Shoe is happy to add Capasiti Consulting Inc. to our client list. Thank you for choosing us to develop your corporate branding i.e., logo, business cards and letterhead.

Logo Design

The purpose of a logo is to convey the values and goals of your company in one simple symbol. A good designer will help you to define these values and goals before you begin the logo design process.

Your logo is the footprint of your business, leave the right impression!

I’m a Graphic Designer

It’s a serious pet peeve when you tell people you are a graphic designer. The responses are often ignorantly lame and demeaning. We design the world you look at people! If you paid more attention and hire skilled professionals it would be a much better looking world. Just sayin’

That said, this vid is a good laugh!


Big Shoe is proud that a large portion of their work is for not-for-profit organizations. Hiring a professional designer for your promotional materials conveys that you are a serious and reputable organization and in turn increases fundraising dollars.

NAATA Logo Redesign — Challenge Met!

Big Shoe was asked to redesign a logo in order to accommodate a clients joint venture with another association. Initially, it was thought that the solution was to combine the 2 logos but the founding association had an established reputation and an already recognizable logo. The new logo needed to convey that they were now serving the Canadian and American automobile trade & shipping industries.

Below is our before and after logo transformation. We like it. It is more compact. The simple symbols of the Canadian maple leaf and the the American star within the letters convey that NAATA is a cross-border association while leaving it’s solid reputation and recognizable logo intact.

The client was pleased. That is what counts the most!